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Yes! DaMimmo Mary Ann’s service is over and beyond the top!! Mary Ann is like a “ninja problem solver!” We had equipment that broke that was transported via checked baggage! But no problem, she knew of a professional welder who fixed it within 24 hours! We needed to change travel plans at the last minute! No problem, she directed us to a local travel agent!

Most importantly, I felt we were with close friends within 24 hours into our trip!

Thank you DaMimmo family for a once in a lifetime trip!


They’ve done it again! DaMimmo Tours, under the expetise of Mary Ann, have put together a Venetian adventure to coincide with the city’s world famous Carnivale. How else can you enjoy ten magical days of cultural enrichment, fine dining, a hands-on cooking class, and a visit to the tailor where you are fitted for your exquisite costume to wear to the ball. Of course, no DaMimmo tour is complete without a vineyard visit. As I write this I am flooded with wonderful memories. I wish we could go again.

Thank you! Thank you! …for a fantastic trip. From the moment we “signed on” Mary Ann was there for us. As newbies traveling internationally we had lots of questions. Mary Ann patiently responded to all of them. Once we arrived in Florence we had no worries. Mary Ann took us in hand and we had nothing to worry about, concern ourselves with or puzzle over because they took care of everyone’s needs. We needed to fulfill a family request to find the memorial for my uncle who died during WW2 and was buried at the American Memorial Cemetery in Florence. Mary Ann made arrangements for us to go there. Snap of the fingers and she resolved our issue! My family is so happy that they now have photos of this dear family member (and my sister and family are now thinking of joining 1 of the Florence tours!). The people in our group were-are!-fantastic folks. I am thrilled to have met them and I hope we will stay in touch. It was such fun being with everyone for our trip. Can’t wait to see you all at our reunion. The food-words cannot describe our gastronomic experience! Delicious and new foods were experienced by Mark and I. The wine-loved all of the wine (yes, white wine for me). The places we saw were ones I dreamed of seeing for years. Thank you! Thank you!
Memories for a lifetime!

Kelly Vontran
It was a vacation in which we wanted for nothing! We saw places and ate food that was indescribable! Mary Ann were gracious and so much fun! Everything was perfect! It was an experience John and I will never forget! Highly, highly recommended!!

Marilyn Ebert
Perfect in every way!

Josh Geppi
Best trip ever!

Ginger Yocum
The trip of my life! So great!

Clara Longo
I’ve always described our trip as ridiculously fabulous! I echo everyone’s comments. The attention to detail is top notch..food, drink, home base,
excursions (I swam in the Blue Grotto), private yacht, dancing on the patio..I could go on & on. But above all this, it was spent with a special friend, Mary Ann. We left with a brand new loving Amalfi family. A trip of a life time! Just do it!!

Bobby Moltz
We celebrated our 25th anniversary by traveling to Italy. It was the trip of a lifetime for Denise and I. What truly made it spectacular was Mary Ann. The things we did, the food we ate, the places we toured the people we met are memories we will cherish forever.

Darlene Buchholz
We just returned from the Amalfi Coast tour. It was fabulous. Mary Ann couldn’t be a better hostess! Every detail is taken care and all you have to do is enjoy the wonderful sights, food, company and of course the Wine. We had such a good time we have already commited to the 2018 Tuscany Tour!

Felix Dialoiso
It was the most Amazing vacation I’ve ever had.

Lorraine Bloomer
As of members of the inaugural Tuscany trip we can attest to the fact that this was THE trip of our lifetime. If we were limited to a two-word description of the Da Mimmo experience, it would be “First Class”. In addition to new friends, fabulous dinners (and yes, awesome wines) and the fantastic places we visited, we were so very impresssed with how attentive Mary Ann, Mimmo, Maria Theresa and everyone else who worked so hard for us. As a result, we are joining them on the 2017 June Amalfi Coast trip. That’s how good it was.

Rhonda Collurafici
Words can’t really describe this incredible experience. Each and everyday you get up thinking it can’t get better, but it does. Amazing experience, amazing hosts, amazing new friends. Cheers to you Mary Ann for a life time experience!!

Stacey Weikel
If you’re thinking of visiting the Amalfi Coast, this is the way to do it!! Mary Ann is most attentive to every detail and knowledge of the area is evident. The little town of Maiori is fabulous and a wonderful home base without the crowds of the larger towns! Every day was better that the day before!! Looking forward to the Tuscany tour..hopefully in 2018!!

Wendy Hladek
The Amalfi coast tour is the trip of a lifetime. Mary Ann are the quintessential hosts, nothing is left to chance–they’ve thought of everything! From our hotel’s central location, the best day trips, lunches and dinners, wines, transportation–pinch me–a private yacht! Flawlessly executed by incredibly fun-loving hosts. We are so grateful to have seen the Amalfi Coast “Da Mimmo style”!

Judy Roppelt
We loved it so much that we made two trips to Amalfi with Mary Ann and just this week booked our Tuscany trip with them. This time taking our daughter. We couldn’t be happier.

Marsha Mitchell
Two words for the most spectacular trip..Mary Ann. Our visit was first class all the way from sights, food, wine and to be invited to her home for dinner . The most wonderful people we met, hoping to see all of you again..

Rosemarie Circulli Considine
As the senior member of the maiden voyage (and probably of all trips this next statement says is it all–if I could I would go again!!

Kathleen Gray Coughlin
Beyond words..no stone unturned, attention to every detail, gracious and accommodating. Grazie mille, Mary Ann it was such a pleasure to get to know you and truly a trip to cherish for years to come!

Cathy Casali
The Amalfi Coast, there is no ugliness here!

Patrick Wildridge
This is not a tour, this a trip with friends and family.

Neil Campbell
There is not a day that goes by that I do think about the amazing experience of the Tuscany Trip. There are many fine thoughts of you, Mimmo, our gracious host. Barbara’s experience at the Palio was amazing, and cooking was much fun.

Diane Valenti
So want to thank you for an incredible trip. It was beyond my expectations, and in such a beautiful country.  And, also wanted to thank you both for the whole food deviation.  I never felt ill one time, so I very much appreciate the accommodation.  The food was excellent.  The whole trip was 5 star and we are so pleased to have been a part of it.

Anne Lowrie
Only few people enter your lives and touch your heart in a very special way. Thanks for making a difference in our lives not just today but forever We love you.

Bob Valenti
Check out damimmotours.com for the Italy Amalfi Coast or Tuscany tours . My wife Diane and I just did the Amalfi tour with two other couples. It was AMAZING! I highly recommend it. I have copied MaryAnn Cricchio who is the owner of DaMimmos Restaurant in Baltimore that we spoke of. She’ll be happy to answer any questions. She is simply fantastic.
You’ll enjoy every second of this experience.

Lisa Hudson
It was a night to remember forever! You guys are amazing and go above and beyond in everything you do. I can’t thank you enough for such an amazing trip. TI AMO.

Lucille Robison
Just had the most wonderful 10 days vacation thanks to a very special people and now new friends. Your attention to detail and your personal touch is remarkable and up to now unparalleled. Looking forward to doing it again soon. Thank you Mary Ann and Mimmo!!!

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